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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing on Long Island

Can you help me with a second opinion about a roof replacement?

If you've been told that roof repairs won't work and you need a roof replacement, we can help you with a second opinion. Whether the advice you received was accurate or incorrect, our Long Island roofing contractor will shoot straight with you. Just give us a call to ask your questions and schedule your free assessment and estimate with our Long Island roofing contractor.

What type of roof maintenance does my roof need?

In addition to regular cleaning, you need to have a full roof inspection performed every year so you can make any repairs quickly before they cause water damage to your house. Since we live in a coastal area, the storms can cause damage which can be hard to recognize.

Keeping your roof clean and clear of debris will go a long way to preserving the roofing materials over the long-term and the regular roof inspections will prevent big problems for your home.

What type of siding is best for Long Island Homes?

If you're talking about what type of siding stands up to the weather the best on Long Island, the type isn't as important as the brand you decide to install. You could have really beautiful vinyl siding that color fades in a few short years or is so flimsily made it rips off your house during the first storm, so a quality siding is the best to install.

If you want an all-around beautiful, durable, and well-made siding, we recommend quality vinyl siding, polymer cedar siding, or stone veneer from CertainTeed. We install their siding because it's the best brand for our climate in Long Island and their products come with the best warranties.

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