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Spring Roof Maintenance Tips For Long Island Homes

Spring offers us some much needed relief from the wintry cold season here on Long Island. Once the snow and ice melts off your Long Island roof, it's time to think about getting some spring roof maintenance done.

Taking good care of your roof means it lasts for as long as possible. If you're new to owning a roof, you need to know that the spring roof maintenance you do now will make a huge difference in how long your roof lasts.

Our Long Island roofers have put together a few tips on spring roof maintenance and the benefits of getting them done.

Have a Roof Inspection Done

After the winter snow and ice have thawed here on Long Island, it's time to get a professional roof inspection done. Spring is the best time to get an inspection because it can identify roof damage from the ice and snow early.

As the snow and ice melt off your roof, the ice slides down the roof surface and acts very similar to a glacier as it melts and carves out a path through the rock and ground. If your roof develops ice dams, the damage to your shingles will be even worse.

While one or two winters may pass and your roof still be fine, it's always good to have peace of mind about your roof's condition. A roof inspection will identify signs of trouble before it can balloon into an expensive water damage repair.

Don't Put Off the Roof Repairs

If problems are identified during the roof inspection or you've seen obvious signs of roof damage yourself, don't put off the roof repairs.

If you make the repairs an important part of your spring maintenance tasks, the leaks can be stopped before they can weaken your roof further as well as the rest of your Long Island home.

Repair or Replace the Gutters

Most homeowners don't realize how important gutters are to a roof. They're actually a part of the roofing system and play a very important role in keeping your roof from getting damaged.

Gutters also help to keep the rainwater from pouring down and pooling around your home's foundation and causing water damage there.

If your gutters need to be repaired or replaced, this is one spring maintenance task for your roof that you don't want to neglect.

Get the Roof Cleaning Done

A good roof cleaning this spring will help to preserve your roof shingles. Leaves, pine needs, twigs, and other tree debris should be removed from the surface so it doesn't sit and rot your shingles.

Algae uses the limestone in asphalt shingles as food. Once the limestone granules are disintegrated by the algae, the shingles start to crack and break. Roof cleaning maintenance with an algaecide keeps algae from eating the shingles away.