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The Most Common Causes of Roof Damage

It’s important to keep your roof in tip-top shape. Not only is it vital to your comfort and safety, but a damaged roof can sink the value of your home by thousands of dollars. We want to help you avoid damage to your roof by offering our expertise. These are the most common ways for your roof to get damaged.


Roofs are meant to protect us from the environment. Most of us think about storms or winds when we hear this, but the environment also includes the various critters and creatures that inhabit it!

Animals of all kinds can damage your roof. Whether it’s a woodpecker poking away at shingles or a squirrel looking for something to chew on, your roof is not always protected from animals. For some households, a more robust pest repellant strategy is an important part of keeping their roof healthy for the long run.

Aging Shingles

It is probably no surprise to you to learn that shingles are an important part of your roof. It’s one of the obvious parts of your roof, but sometimes damage can be harder to spot. Older, eroding shingles can be damaged and not seem like they are from a distance. Small parts of shingles can be found in gutters because they are carried away by the rain. Keep in mind the length of your roof’s warranty and if your roof is approaching the warranty length, it might be a good idea to get a legitimate inspection.


We’ve seen just about every kind of storm over the years here in New York. Whether it’s a tropical storm, a wind storm, or a blizzard, your roof can absolutely be damaged. You can limit some damage with some simple preparation.

Storm Preparation Tips

Clear your gutters before the storm comes. If water can’t be drained off your roof properly, it can add excess weight to your roof and cause damage. A semi-regular roof inspection is another great way to prepare yourself before a storm. In the case of a snowstorm, it’s important to have great insulation and to keep potential hazards like overgrown trees in check before the snowstorm hits.

Poor Installation

A lot of times the cause of damage goes back to the root of the problem. In this case, your roof may have had a poor installation from the get-go! This is why you need confidence in your roofing pros, which comes from transparency and the willingness to answer any of your questions.

Improper Homeowner Habits

Sometimes, homeowners can inadvertently damage their roof. This is a perfect time of year to consider this because of the holiday season. Homeowners are much more likely to be close to their roof with things like hanging holiday lights or scraping away ice. As roofers, we are trained in the proper safety precautions and given the best equipment to ensure the health of your roof. One simple example is the footwear we use. We use shoes that are soft yet have high traction to avoid slipping. These are simple, but important precautions, that many homeowners just aren’t aware of. As a result, you can inadvertently damage your roof if you’re not careful.

Final Note

These are some of the main ways that a roof gets damaged, but it’s important to recognize that they work together! If your roof is damaged, it will get worse and potentially cause new damage. Stay vigilant with your maintenance and inspections and your roof will last a very long time.

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