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Your roof isn’t the only protective feature of your home. Your siding also takes a beating from the weather and other environmental factors. Like your roof, your siding will last around 10 to 20 years, depending on the material it is made from. But over time, it will begin to wear out and degrade. You will find that you need repairs more frequently, and there will come a time when you will need to replace it. This is where Smart Choice Contracting can help.

Our exterior services team in Huntington Station can help you determine when it is the best time to replace your siding. We always keep communication open and honest. Before we perform any repair or replacement, we will discuss the entire process with you. We want to help you feel more confident when embarking on these larger home-improvement projects.

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Our Full Range of Exterior Services

When thinking about exterior services for your home, two main areas come to most homeowners' minds: siding and windows. Your sidings and your windows protect your home from the elements, and they help seal your home so that your heating and cooling systems run efficiently. When your windows are poorly insulated, or your siding is starting to fall apart, your HVAC system cannot run effectively, and your conditioned air escapes. This impacts your home's comfort levels dramatically. Our exterior contractors offer a wide range of services to help you keep your home protected.

Our exterior services include:

When to Consider New Siding Installation

There are many reasons to consider new siding. If you are dissatisfied with the look or style of your home, new siding can bring you a fresh new look, and completely transform your home. Additionally, if you are dealing with chronic siding repairs or just experienced a severe weather event that has left your siding extensively damaged, it may be more cost-effective to replace it completely. Furthermore, if you are working on your roof, or completing a home addition, now is an excellent time to consider upgrading your siding as well.

We have a wide range of siding types available, including:

  • Quality vinyl siding
  • Synthetic cedar shake and shingle siding
  • Stone veneer siding

Our siding comes in a variety of finishes and styles. In addition to selecting any color, finish, or texture you want, we can install beaded, clapboard, shiplap, or shake and shingle-style siding. We also know that cost is a big concern for our customers. With this in mind, we offer either 0% financing on new siding projects, or 15% off your project when you pay upfront. Our goal is to make this process as easy for you as possible.

Choosing Replacement Windows

The windows you select for your home have a significant impact on the comfort levels in your home. With so many makes and models on the market, the process of choosing your windows can be complicated. Smart Choice Contracting is here to make that decision easier. We only work with the best materials, and some of our most popular windows and doors are from Andersen's Impact-Resistant line. This product is particularly suited to homes in coastal areas like ours and can stand up against the severe wind and hurricane conditions we experience here in Huntington Station.

For professional guidance in selecting siding, replacement windows, or installing new gutters on your Huntington Station home, contact Smart Choice Contracting at (631) 239-7710.

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