Soffit and Fascia Repair

A new home with the soffit and fascia in good shape.

Effective Roofing Repairs

There are many parts of a roof that make up the whole structure. You may be aware of some of them and others you might not have a clue about. At Smart Choice Contracting, we are knowledgeable about how all of these pieces fit together to allow your roof to hold up well over time. Not only do we provide roof repairs, but we can also complete soffit and fascia repair in Huntington, NY and all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties. These are integral parts of your home and when they are intact and functioning properly, this is a positive thing. However, once they start to wear out, you need to have them looked at or replaced as soon as you can, to limit further damage to the rest of your roof. Call us at (631) 479-3669 if you need advice on your soffit and fascia.

What Are They?

When you are talking about soffit and fascia, you might know that they are related to your roof, but not what they are and what they do. A soffit is essentially the underside of your roof, where it extends past your walls. If you have ever looked at your roof and noticed that it is wider than your house, you will understand what parts of your home the soffit is designed to protect. They sit underneath your roof on the overhang sections. A fascia sits underneath your roof at the edge and is what gutter systems are secured to. They provide protection for the outer band of your roof. Both can become damaged and need to be inspected when you have your roof inspected. If they are damaged or too damp, you may need a soffit and fascia replacement to make them safe again.

What to Look For

If you want to know when you may need soffit and fascia Installation, there are a few things that can give you a clue. One is that your gutters are leaking or damaged. When your gutters aren’t working, this may be causing your soffit and fascia to get wet and waterlogged, which is not good for their integrity. Other things to look out for are water damage inside, which could show itself in any room in the house, and if you find insects indoors where there weren’t any before. This could indicate that there is a hole or major damage somewhere, which needs to be fixed without delay. Of course, if your soffit and fascia simply look old or worn out, this is something that you should talk to a roofer about. These roof components are usually made of wood or vinyl, so they aren’t designed to last forever.

Count on Our Roofers

In some cases, these parts will be replaced when you get a new roof, but if you haven’t had them replaced in a while, you may want to call a roofer and talk to them about yours. This is where we can lend a hand. We are on call to work on soffit and fascia repair in Huntington, NY and all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties. We know how to fix the problem, whether these areas need repairs or a replacement. Let us talk to you about what can be done and how to keep them in good shape. Or we can talk to you about the other tasks we provide when it comes to roof repair. Contact us at (631) 479-3669 for more details.