Skylight Repair and Replacement

The side of a roof with new skylights installed on it.

Let Us Look at Your Skylight

If you have one or more skylights on your home, you may wonder if they need to be checked out or replaced from time to time. The truth is that you should have your skylights inspected sometimes, especially if you have a roofer that can do it for you. At Smart Choice Contracting, we are able to check out skylights, where we can fix them up when they encounter problems. On the flip side, we can put in new ones, if this is what is necessary. When you are interested in having a qualified company look at your skylight, let us know. We are a top-notch resource for skylight repair in Huntington, NY and all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties, as well as for replacement. Reach out to us by calling (631) 479-3669 and we’ll be able to give you more details and tell you about our other services, such as roof repairs.

What to Look For

There are some things to think about when you own skylights. If you notice any leaking or cracks in your skylight, these should be remedied as soon as you notice them. In some cases, you may need a skylight replacement instead. This is usually the right option when your skylights are outdated or in bad condition. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you simply don’t like the way your skylight looks, there are many models out there to choose from, and there will probably be something that you like. Our team is skilled to work with some of the best products available, and we know how to install these products suitably.

We’ll Work With You

Having an outdated or damaged skylight may be something that really bothers you, but it doesn’t have to. We can alleviate this problem for you and make sure that you have a skylight that you really like and enjoy. Let us be your choice for skylight repair in Huntington, NY and all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties. We are a roofing contractor that specializes in skylights, and we can help you with other parts of your home too, such as siding and windows. Let us offer our advice. Just call us at (631) 479-3669 with your questions or to get an estimate.