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Save on Energy With Help from Smart Choice Contracting

Many customers are looking for ways to reduce their utility bills and find a new source of power. With solar panels, you have the potential to create free energy and power your home with a renewable source of energy. Additionally, when installed with a new roof, you can qualify for a valuable federal tax credit. Our Huntington Station solar panel installation team can help you determine if solar panels are a good fit for you and your home. We will go over the entire process with you, ensuring you understand all of the details. Smart Choice Contracting takes the stress out of switching to solar power.

To learn more about our solar panel services, contact us at (631) 239-7710.

Solar Panel Installation Benefits For Long Island Homeowners

The sun's energy is free, so the most obvious benefit is being able to power your Long Island home by using free energy. With the right solar panel installation, you could be enjoying all of the following benefits!

  • Solar Panels Can Be Configured to Produce Excess Energy -
    Optional configuration to produce excess energy to sell back to PSEG.
  • Solar PV Systems With Battery Can Make Use of Off-Peak Energy Rates -
    A solar PV system can be installed with a battery backup to capture any excess energy your solar panels produce and allow you to use it whenever the sun's energy isn't sufficient to charge the panels. Lets you store energy during cheaper periods (at night) and use it during peak hours of the day.
  • PSEG Long Island is transitioning to Net Meters with Smart Meter technology -
    Customers with time-of-use rates will be able to read meters remotely and measure usage at different times of the day.
  • The Solar Tax Credit -
    offsets the cost of solar panel installation for Long Island homeowners. The IRS calls this the investment tax credit, or ITC. The credit is equal to 30% of the total cost of solar energy system installation.

Why People Are Switching to Solar Power

Solar panels are becoming more popular in places like Huntington Station, where we get our fair share of sunshine. Because the sun's energy is free, it is an attractive option for people looking to reduce their utility bills. Additionally, your solar panels can be configured to produce more energy than you need to run your home, and you can store this energy in a backup battery, enabling you to utilize this energy when it isn't sunny.

The benefits of going solar-powered include:

  • Federal tax credits
  • State and local rebates
  • Energy bills can be reduced significantly or eliminated
  • See money-saving benefits immediately
  • It increases the resale value of your home
  • It is an environmentally friendly source of power

Furthermore, you also have the option to sell excess energy back to your utility company. To take advantage of this, the power company will install a two-way meter at your home. This allows energy to flow in two directions and enables you to send your excess electricity to the power company.

Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels with Smart Choice Contracting

Did you know that most solar panels will last from 25 to 30 years? Like all home appliances, solar panels do eventually degrade, but even after 25 years, they will continue to produce energy, albeit at a slower rate than they did initially. It is because of their long lifespan that many homeowners in Huntington Station find solar panels attractive.

To get the most out of solar panels, you should:

  • Have them inspected annually
  • Clear debris from your panels and keep them clean
  • Work with a professional solar panel installation expert to ensure proper configuration
  • Use your solar panel monitoring system
  • Keep up with solar panel maintenance

Another way to get the most out of your solar panels is to have them adjusted throughout the year. As the earth's position to the sun changes throughout the year, the tilt of your solar panels should be adjusted to encourage the maximum production of energy. Our solar panel experts in Huntington Station can help you keep your panels in the appropriate position for the season.

Are You Ready to Install Solar Panels?

Smart Choice Contracting has been in the roofing and solar panel industry for 20 years. We have the skill and experience to help you with this important project. Our Huntington Station solar panel installation team is passionate about solar power, and we are excited to help you make the switch. We only utilize the highest quality solar panels. We also will help you with your tax credit and rebate paperwork. Should you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home even further, we can also discuss roofing upgrades. For, when you are installing solar panels, it is a prime time to also look at upgrading your roofing materials.

Take the leap and install a solar panel roofing system on your home. Call us at (631) 239-7710 to get started.

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