Roof Storm Damage Repair in Huntington, NY and Serving All of Long Island

A roof with many of its shingles damaged.

Storm Damage Issues Solved

If you have ever seen how destructive a storm can be then you probably know how even a seemingly small rainstorm could damage a home’s roof. This is something that you aren’t able to prevent and can happen at any time. Of course, you don’t have to worry about having storm repairs fixed when you work with a high-quality roofing company like ours at Smart Choice Contracting. We have what it takes to handle roof storm damage repair in Huntington, NY and all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties, and we can accomplish these repairs in a timely manner too. To find out more about how we can lend a hand and what repairs we are able to complete for you, call us at (631) 479-3669. Let us help you get your repairs handled faster than the other guys.

Emergency Roof Repair

In some cases, storm damage to your roof happens and it isn’t something that has to be addressed immediately. It can wait a few days or until your roofer is able to visit. However, when storms are especially destructive, they may leave you with damage that has to be inspected right away. Perhaps a tree falls on your roof or your roof starts leaking; these are things that simply can’t wait! The good news is that we will be there to help you during these times. We handle emergency roof repair, where we will show up as soon as possible after you contact us. Once we are there, we can assess the situation and see what needs to be done. Sometimes we will cover the damage with a tarp until it can be fixed. Then we can come and get a closer look in the daytime or when it is safer to do so.

Insurance Claims Help

Another area where we can be of assistance is when it comes to filing an insurance claim. Whenever you experience storm damage to your roof, sometimes this is covered by your homeowner’s policy, but you will have to file a claim to get a check for repairs. If you haven’t done this before, we have experience with the process. Our team is able to help you get through it quicker, so your repairs can be accelerated. In other words, we know the procedure, can provide you with the proper estimate, and can get right to work after your approval. We will also offer our inspection services to check your whole roof, in case you want someone else to handle the work for you.

New Installations

While some roofs will be able to be repaired, other times, they will need to be replaced. If you need a new roof installation, we have the skills to handle this type of job properly. Our guys work with some of the best roofing materials out there, and we would love to take the time to talk to you about what your options are and what would be a good choice for your roof. Be sure to think of us when you need a new roof, especially if you want it installed expertly. We always take our time with our installations, but this doesn’t mean we will waste your time.

A roof in need of storm damage repair to its slate tiles.

Let Us Be There

Any damage to your roof may cause you to worry. This is to be expected. However, with the right roofing company addressing the damage and repairing it, you can worry a little bit less. Our company handles roof storm damage repair in Huntington, NY and all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties, so let us show you what we can do. We work on jobs of all sizes, and we are able to work with your insurance company as well if this is what is needed. Don’t pull your hair out wondering what to do when a storm has damaged your roof. Let us handle the details and get your roof fixed up. Contact us at (631) 479-3669 when your roof has been affected. We’ll be able to tell you what you need to do about it.

  • Emergency Roof Repair You can contact us anytime, even in a roofing emergency to get the help that you need!
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help There’s no reason to go through the process alone, when we can be there to guide you through the claims process.